Grant Reynolds
Comic Diorama: Collected Comics
"Where the River Meets the Sea" was selected as a Notable Comic for the 2011 volume of Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Comics.

48 pages

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Published by Top Shelf Productions

Nautical and astronomical themes abound in this collection of five short tales. The long lost journals of famed explorer/adventurer Chance Oxblood. The most significant year in the life of the personified former-planet Pluto. Strange happenings in the Black Forest. Mermaid dreams and sacrificial rites to a Grendel. And the tribulations of a recovering alcoholic gone model-building novice.

"...a haunting and beautifully designed little book that dwelled on sacrifice, dead ends and abjection. This one-man anthology featured five short stories, each of which dealt with themes related to the sea and the stars...with a scratchy line, an emphasis on moodiness, a clever decorative sense and a pitch-black sense of excellent storyteller who has synthesized a number of influences in interesting ways." -- The Comics Journal, Comic Diorama

"...Comic Diorama hits all the right notes for a crowd accustomed to indie books. However, its engaging storytelling and capacity to quickly establish a mood make it a book fated for an audience as varied as the stories it houses." -- Wizard Magazine's Top 50: number twenty-one Comic Diorama
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