Grant Reynolds
To the Mouth of the Source: Comic Vignettes Based on the Lyrics of Joanna Newsom
56 pages

Published by Short Pants Press (out of print)


I was sleeping on a friend's couch and working third shift at a book store when I drew this comic. A co-worker had burned me a copy of Joanna Newsom's The Milk-Eyed Mender and her lyrics quickly began to evoke strong images of a dog named Sadie who had an affinity for burying bones. Other lyrical/visual connections began to form and soon I was drawing it all in my sketchbook. A year later Sarah Becan at Short Pants Press asked me if I had anything I'd like them to publish and I remembered these little comics.

"Reynolds does a fantastic job of echoing the lyrics in his images...His art conjures up scenes of desolation and desperation...however, Reynolds' mini is also uplifting and rewarding." -- The Drama #9

"He uses very few words, masterfully weaving together recurrent Newsom motifs: bones, white coats, water, gnawing, night. When strung together this way - and when accompanying Reynolds' expressive images - the lyrics take on new meaning, while still adhering, remarkably, to the overall mood of Newsom's songs. Indeed, this book is right on." -- Punk Planet #76
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