Grant Reynolds
Smaller Parts: Collected Comics
40 pages, professionally printed (out of print).


I'm finally retiring this book. After nearly ten years I've gotten fed up with lugging around boxes of it every time I have to move into a new apartment. A word of advice to those venturing into the world of self-publishing: think twice before you print 1,000 copies of anything.

This precursor to Comic Diorama (2009) reveals many of the same nautical and astronomical themes. Although I had already put out many mini-comics by this point, I had no idea how to layout an actual book and send it to a printer. I enlisted my friend Ezra Claytan Daniels to help with scanning, cleaning up the pages, coloring the cover, and whatever else had to be done. Without him I don't know what I would have done. Thanks, Ezra!

"Finally a hefty collection, Grant has been doing some of the most interesting and cutting edge comics in Chicago for a while. A great well-rounded introduction to his work." -- Logan Bay (Quimby's, Lumpen)

"Overall, this book made me want to pull the covers up over my head and just think for awhile." -- Optical Sloth
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