Grant Reynolds
Hot & Cold Running Ghosts
40 pages, out of print


Hot & Cold Running Ghosts was a little experiment for me in making comics, the details of which you can read about below:

There were a couple of things about this book that made it a little different than other comics I’d done at the time. The first was that it was drawn directly into someone else’s already published book of "inspirational" cartoons, which I'd come across in a free pile. The original drawings were sparse & loose, leaving much of the page fairly blank. It seemed like a good idea to draw over them, so that they became a kind of second layer of “noise” within my comic. I used white out to reduce recognition of the source material.

I also thought it would be interesting to play with the notion of a diary comic, where each page was based on whatever had happened that day, but rather than date the entries (ie: Monday 6-23-08) I would let the days blur together into a dreamlike narrative.

The man with sunglasses was a composite character, while things like the clogged drain & cow skull were based on goings-on in my apartment.

It was drawn from late-May thru early-June 2008.
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