Grant Reynolds
The Lost Dirty Garfield
8 pages (out of print)


You won’t catch me bragging very often, but I feel like I might have been a little bit ahead of the whole meta Garfield renaissance trend. I drew this in its entirety at a pre-Halloween party, while extremely stoned. Dirty Garfield flowed out of me like liquid hot magma. It got me “closer to God.”

As an added bonus, I threw in a Garfield strip I did with John Wheatley (aka John Bellows) back in 2008. There were a bunch more strips that we collaborated on, because we both loved that damn dirty cat so much, but they remain "lost" in my boxes upon boxes of past artwork.

Later I started drawing Dirty Barfield comics (with a “B”). One of them found its way into my Hypnotic Induction Technique book (2009).
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