Grant Reynolds


Trubble Club
Est. 2008. The line-up of this jam-comics group has gone through many changes, and we've produced works in other mediums besides comics: sculptures for the DePaul Art Museum and Quimby's Books, murals for both the Museum of Contemporary Art and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Not to mention the Infinite Corpse and multiple performative comics readings for Brain Frame.

Peeled & Deveined
On 11/10/11 I did a performative comics reading of Peeled & Deveined at Brain Frame 3 with Lyra Hill and Robin Hustle. It was inspired by my own comic of the same name. I tried to explore ideas of the "female-victim" (or Final Girl) in slasher horror movies, as well as draw comparisons to the very real torture that haunts the history and development of women's healthcare. The killer/doctor character was inspired directly by J. Marion Sims, the so-called father of American gynecology, who, among other things, developed the speculum. But these advancements came at a great cost, as he did much of his research on three slaves, who he held captive and used as experimental subjects. The operations were for vesicovaginal fistulas (a frequent result of traumatic labor), and were executed without the use of anesthesia (although Sims would later use it on his white subjects). One woman, Anarcha, was stitched up 30 times, although it is unclear whether this was necessary or not.
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